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Perception is reality, Pitt is ready to be great Pitt Football 

Perception is reality, Pitt is ready to be great

What makes a great team? It starts with the coaches. You have to have coaches that have a rough exterior, sharp mind but also want to act as a guardian. Having players that want to buy in – with talent – is also key. Not to mention, must be coachable. Lastly, having an athletic department willing to cover the dollar signs necessary to blanket the costs associated with bringing the coaches and the players together is the most crucial hinge on the door to success. Scott Barnes, Pat Narduzzi and…

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Final Word: Thank you, Penn State fans Pitt Football 

Final Word: Thank you, Penn State fans

Our level of excitement and pride about 2016 is invalid, as only the most delusional will attest.   Congrats Panther Nation for eclipsing the all-time football season ticket record with over 53,775 #H2P #NotDoneYet pic.twitter.com/vOnlEvtRNI — Scott Barnes (@PittADBarnes) August 6, 2016 How dare we rejoice. Pitt and their fans broke the football season ticket record by selling 53,775 season ticket packages. That assures each of those seats will be accounted for – at least in dollars – in 2016. How did Pitt fans break the record? Oh that's right, it's…

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Pitt fall camp day one news, notes and photos Pitt Football 

Pitt fall camp day one news, notes and photos

LEADERSHIP AND PERFECTION WILL BE KEYS TO SUCCESS FOR PITT IN 2016. Pittsburgh, Pa – Perfection is a strong word but is a state of being Matt Canada is attempting to achieve. Especially in the smaller details of an offense. The straw-hatted soul commanding the offense from the sidelines set the tone from the first snap of practice. How'd the first snap go you wonder? Not well. There wasn't enough emotion, there was no energy, it just wasn't there for the coach who arrived in Pittsburgh after spending the last three seasons…

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Open letter to George Hill Pitt Football 

Open letter to George Hill

Have you ever ferociously scratched a lottery ticket with a winning number of one, begin scratching the final quadrant to reveal a one – get so excited – then discover one other digit follows to make it it a loser? Or.. Have you ever had everything you could possibly desire sitting right in front of you, then.. WHOOSH! It's gone. Try putting yourself into that situation and let me know how you feel right after. Pat Narduzzi revealed on Friday that kids on the team had this situation, but found…

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No excuses, only answers for 2016 Pitt Football 

No excuses, only answers for 2016

Could I be jumping the gun a bit in this piece? Quite possibly and it so happens to be two-fold in that regard. For one, Trevor and I will be discussing some of this in our Podcast set for Friday. Secondly, I will have some of the following elaborated on by Pat Narduzzi himself, on Monday.   There's a lot that I previously discussed in last week's Podcast about this speedily approaching season, but I'm not certain that enough was talked about to fully encompass the impact 2016 could have on the…

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Dontavius Butler Says Pitt Is It Pitt Football 

Dontavius Butler Says Pitt Is It

If you're a paranoid Panther fan, you were very pleased to see a "Pat Signal" go out on Sunday. This is the first commit since Albert Tucker made the pledge on June 28th. Dontavius Butler ended the near one-month drought by picking the Panthers over schools like Florida Atlantic, North Carolina State, Northern Illinois, and Toledo. You may think those offers aren't quality schools, but there is a reason behind that. Eight receptions don't jump off the page, so last year was flukey to say the least. Last year he switched…

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